Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

  1. Gnome Shell 2.29.0 Released [What's New And Screenshots Inside]
  2. 3 Linux Console File Managers You Should Try: Midnight Commander (MC), Last File Manager (LFM) And VIFM
  3. How To Install Go-OO 3.2 In Ubuntu Linux
  4. Lubuntu (w/ LXDE) 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 Released With 4 New Default Apps And New Artwork (Screenshots)
  5. The Best Linux Web Browser -> don't forget to cast your vote!
  6. VLC 1.1.0 And gThumb 2.11.2 Updated In The Web Upd8 PPA
  7. Confirmed: Ubuntu 10.04 Supports iPhone / iPod Touch Out Of The Box
  8. [How-To] Listen to Pandora And Spotify Outside US / UK In Linux, Using TOR
  9. Sorbet - New Community Proposed Ubuntu Lucid Theme And Mockup
  10. WinFF Is A Great Audio / Video Converter With Presets For iPod-iTunes, Google Android, Blackberry, Etc. [Windows, Linux]

Special thanks to rkv once again! 2 of the top 10 posts this week have been his idea, a 3rd post was written by him and for another one he contributed with screenshots (iPhone)! Thanks also to Bruce Ingalls for the WinFF suggestion and how to get the latest version working.