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WebUpd8 reader Rkv suggested more than once that we start a "hive five" post series, where the readers will be able to vote for their favourite application.

For the first post of this series we will ask our readers to vote for the best Linux web browser. Here are the 5 contenders:

Firefox (also includes optimized versions such as Swiftfox, etc) - has been the most used web browser for Linux in years, but Google Chrome / Chromium is getting closer and closer (with some 20% of WebUpd8 readers already using it). Is Firefox still chosen because it's the best browser, or just because everybody is used to it and don't want to change?

Opera - the browser which brought many innovations into the browsers world, but oddly it still has a very small market share. The latest 10.50 (still alpha for Linux) version seems like a major improvement but does Opera have what it takes to become Linux users favourite browser?

Epiphany (includes both gecko and webkit) - it's fast and lightweight. I'm really interested on how many people use this not-so-famous but amazing web browser.

Google Chrome / Chromium - has made many people switch from Firefox: it's faster, already have a lot of extensions, etc. Basically there's nothing to be missed when switching from Firefox to Chrome. Or is it?

Konqueror - it was developed to be a universal file manager, web browser and file viewer for KDE. Even though many KDE users switched to Chrome or Firefox, it will be nice to see how many still use Konqueror.

You can also explain your vote in the comments!