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lubuntu alpha 3 live cd screenshot

The most important changes in Lubuntu Alpha 3 are 4 new default applications: Chromium for the browser, gnome-mplayer as the default media player, Wicd has been replaced with the Network Manager and Pcmanfm2 as the default file manager but we've already told you about that about a week ago.

pcmanfm2 lubuntu 10.04 screenshot

Lubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 new artwork

-A new menu icon and basically a whole new look for the panel:

lubuntu lucid 10.04 overall look screenshot

-A new default theme: Clearlooks with Elementary Monochrome icons:

lubuntu 10.04 lucid theme

-A new login screen:

lubuntu 10.04 lucid new login screen

The new artwork made by Rafael Laguna.

Lubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 Netbook Session

Lubuntu Alpha 3 also comes with a netbook session (lxlauncher). To try it out, log out and select Lubuntu-Netbook, enter "ubuntu" for the username and no password:

lubuntu lucid netbook session

To set icons only for the taskbar window list, simply right click the panel and select Taskbar "Window List" Settings and then "Icons Only":

lubuntu lxde icons only taskbar

And unlike the Gnome Panel, the Lubuntu (LXDE) panel can be set to 16 pixels in height which is simply amazing for netbooks:

lubuntu lxde panel settings

To view some screenshots with the previous alpha (2), see our Lubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2 post.

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