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Yesterday we wrote about a post on ubuntuforums where a user reported that the latest Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 3 supports his iPhone 3GS out of the box.

Just a user wasn't enough, as every journalist knows (I'm not one, but anyway) that you always need at least 3 sources to confirm a news story. But snyd23 confirmed this in a comment to our original post and now WebUpd8 reader rkv just confirmed that both Nautilus and Rhythmbox work with his iPhone without any additional applications / tweaking. He also sent us some screenshots:

iphone ubuntu 10.04

rhythmbox iphone ubuntu lucid

nautilus iphone ubuntu lucid

nautilus iphone contents ubuntu lucid

Regarding the iPhone iPod Touch "support": basically the iPhone mounts with read/write access so you can copy/delete stuff. You can also transfer music using Rhythmbox (at least according to some users). For more regarding this, read the user comments below.

Please note: I'm not sure if this is an Ubuntu or Gnome feature, but since only Ubuntu users have reported this so far, I figured it has something to do with Ubuntu.

Update: thanks to Karl whom I am going to quote below, we find out that this is in no way thanks to Canonical:

It happened thanks to Marcan (and the other fellows) from usbmuxd. The libgpod and GNOME integration is mainly from Bastien Nocera of GNOME and Fedora fame. usbmuxd/gtkpod/libiphone etc. are the one who deserve credits for that.

He also says it works on Fedora 13 and it will probably work with most distributions upcoming releases.

And another update: actually, Ubuntu did contribute to this (thanks to Paul Sladen). Here is the list of contributors to libimobiledevice:

 Zach C.
 Jonathan Beck
 Matt Colyer
 Martin Aumueller
 Christophe Fergeau
 Martin S.
 Paul Sladen
 Patrick Walton
 Zoltan Balaton
 Nikias Bassen
 Todd Zullinger
 Bastien Nocera

See also the post @ ubuntuforums.