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  1. How To Install OpenOffice 3.2 In Ubuntu (.deb Download)
  2. Eeebuntu 4 Beta 1 Overview And Screenshots
  3. Ubuntu Finally Getting A New Default Theme Starting With Lucid
  4. Sikuli (GUI Automation Using Screenshots) Moves To Launchpad, Finally Works On Linux
  5. Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 To Get A 2D EFL Based Launcher
  6. Cover Thumbnailer 0.7 Is Out, Now Works On Fedora, Mandriva And Other Distributions
  7. Lubuntu Lucid Changes 4 Of The Applications Installed By Default
  8. Ubuntu Lucid Visual Updates: User Icon Added To The Me-Menu, Slightly Redesigned Login Box And More [Screenshots]
  9. Rhythmbox Radio Browser Plugin (Listen To Icecast and Shoutcast Radio Stations Directly In Rhythmbox)
  10. Ubuntu Officially Switches To Nouveau As The Default Nvidia Graphics Driver


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