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eeebuntu 4 beta 2

Eeebuntu, the Linux distribution for netbooks which won the Sourceforge Choice Awards: BEST NEW PROJECT in 2009 has released the first beta of the new version 4. For now only the i386 version is available. In case you plan on installing this beta, you should read the known issues firs:

  • On installing, when you get to the summary screen, you need to choose ADVANCED and select your HD install target. (it was thought that this was not enough to hold it back any further but will be fixed in final). - or this will cause GRUB install error.
  • Do NOT run update in live before you install, there is a python upgrade that will break the installer (again it was thought that was not enough to hold back the beta release).
  • In some cases you need root password in live to change things, you can set the root password by issuing #sudo passwd in terminal.

Like we told you some time ago, Eeebuntu switched from Ubuntu to Debian (Sid) and also it's no longer just for EeePC.

Eeebuntu 4 Beta 1 Artwork

Eeebuntu 4 only comes with 1 theme as the artwork is saved for the final release. Also, the Usplash is temporary, and a brand new one will be used for the final release (for this reason I didn't take a screenshot).

However, many people will be glad to know that even though Eeebuntu 4 comes with Gnome 2.28.2, it still uses GDM 2.20 which supports theming:

eeebuntu 4 gdm theme screenshot
(the default GDM login theme in Eeebuntu 4 beta 1)

eeebuntu 4 login screen settings screenshot

Applications and optimizations in Eeebuntu 4

The first thing you will probably notice about Nautilus is its resamblance to Nautilus Elementary: a zoom slider on the bottom right corner, the menubar can be switched on/off using the Alt + M keys and also the menubar seems slimmer.

I really like the fact that GIMP is installed by default (that will not be the case for Ubuntu Lucid for instance):

eeebuntu gimp menu

The default music player in Eeebuntu 4 beta is Banshee and the video player: VLC (1.0.4 for now, but it will probably be updates soon):

eeebuntu banshee vlc menu screenshot

In the System menu you will find the Shutdown, Logout and Control Center which has been optimized for small screens:

system menu eeebuntu 4

eeebuntu control center

Finally, a "quick lock screen" is available instead of the normal shutdown panel applet and there is also an applet called Jupiter which handles the display resolution, power, etc. from the notification area:

eeebuntu jupiter screenshot

Unfortunately I cannot offer you any under-the-hood details, as there are no specifications available on Eeebuntu website (or the forums) about the latest Eeebuntu 4 beta release.

Remember: Eeebuntu 4 is still beta, so expect to find a lot of bugs for now. Also, there will still be a lot of changes until the final version will be released!

You can download Eeebuntu 4.0 beta via BitTorrent or from it's website.