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Today's updates brought a few visual changes to Ubuntu Lucid. Here are some screenshot with these changes. They aren't much, but still worth mentioning.

The Me Menu applet in Ubuntu Lucid now has an option to display the icon for the currently logged in user:

me menu ubuntu lucid

The above screenshot also features the updated Humanity icons which took place a few days ago. Unfortunately the user icon doesn't seem to be working for now as I've set an image and the changes are not saved.

The login box also got an visual update:

ubuntu login box
(the image was set by me, doesn't come by default)

UbuntuOne Music Store was also in today's updates, but there's nothing interesting for now and we'll probably have to wait at least for the beta version to try it:

ubuntuone ubuntu lucid music store

The indicator applet no longer displays a description for the applications, but got some icons instead:

indicator applet ubuntu lucid 10.04

And finally, Gwibber (not exactly directly related to Ubuntu Lucid, but still nice to know) got Qaiku, StatusNet and Digg support:


Gwibber also got url shortening added to the python API.