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thythmbox radio browser plugin

Radio Browser is a Rhythmbox plugin that shows the radio station lists of icecast and shoutcast directly in Rhythmbox, so you can easily search for internet radio stations in Rhythmbox and play them.

  • Shoutcast, Icecast listing
  • Recording of one ore more radio streams at a time (Important: You have to install STREAMRIPPER for your distribution to use this!)
  • Country local streams
  • Filtering (name, genre, minimal bitrate)
  • Recently played list
  • Icons for local stations
  • Visit homepage of local channel with right click
  • Station info box
  • Bookmark support
  • Public radio station board, so everyone can post new stations. the stations can also be voted for.
Rhythmbox Radio Browser has been recently packed and uploaded to Ubuntu Lucid repositories (so to install it in Lucid, simply: sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-radio-browser). The Lucid .deb also works for Karmic (might work on older Ubuntu versions too), so you can download the .deb from HERE (look to the right, under "Builds").

For other Linux distributions and Ubuntu PPA, visit Rhythmbox Radio Browser homepage.