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In case you don't know, Spotify is a new service (free or premium) which allows you to listen to music on your computer, mobile phone (iPhone, Android), create playlists and a lot more.

Spotify introduced invites for most of the countries it is available for. But there is a way to get an invite quickly and free (thanks to kimme!). Read on!

Before getting your free Spotify invite, please note that it will only work for the countries Spotify is available in, like UK, etc.

To get your free Spotify invite:

1. Go to http://www.statoil.com/heroes/no/byLarm2010/Pages/default.aspx

2. Click on "Registrer deg na!":

spotify free invite

3. Click on "Registrer deg na!" again (the new button, not the same as in step 2):

spotify free invite 2

4. Enter the code in the image and press "Sjekk gyldighet" (the code is CASE sensitive):

spotify free invite 3

You can click on "Klikk her tor a fa nytt blide" if you don't understand the code in the image.

That's it, you should now see a link with your invitation:

spotify invitiation code

Once again, special thanks to kimme for the Spotify invites link!

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