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Announcing WebUpd8 PPAs Status - Latest WebUpd8 PPA Uploads, Changelogs, Etc.

I usually update the WebUpd8 PPAs a lot more frequently then I blog about it on WebUpd8 so I though I would be nice for those who use the WebUpd8 PPAs to see a changelog for the recently uploaded packages, easily spot new uploads and so on.

So I've set up WebUpd8 PPAs Status, a small mini-blog (and easy to remember domain: ppa.webupd8.org) where I'll post the changelog for each update or a short description for each new upload.

You can receive the latest WebUpd8 PPAs news via RSS feed (separate RSS feed), like the WebUpd8 PPAs on Facebook and get updates in your home stream (this is a separate Facebook page) and/or via our main Twitter account.

gThumb Finally Gets Flickr Support (Latest Build Is Available In The WebUpd8 PPA)

gthumb flickr support

Today seems to be a very good day for GNOME photo managers. After Shotwell 0.5 release, gThumb got a really nice extension which many of you I'm sure have been waiting for. Read on!

The gThumb development is getting more and more interesting (if you constantly read WebUpd8, you already know about the great progress gThumb is making) and after getting PicasaWeb support about a month ago, a branch called "flickr" (well, actually "flicker" but that's a typo by the developers) has been merged, meaning gThumb will finally get Flickr support. We couldn't resist so we updated the package in our PPA to the latest GIT so you (and us) can enjoy this cool new feature.

Web Upd8 Gets A Launchpad PPA [Ubuntu]

That's right, Web Upd8 gets its PPA. But don't get too excited about this, there won't be anything big in it, just small packages which don't have a PPA and I can easily pack. This means that in some of the new posts on Web Upd8, when no .deb file is available, I will try to package it and upload it to the PPA to make things easier for our readers.

I'm not an expert (in fact I'm still a noob at this) packaging so I might not be able to upload everything I want, but it's a nice start anyway.

WebUpd8 New Domain Name

WebUpd8 has finally got it's domain name, and starting today, you can find it at http://www.webupd8.org. Don't worry, the old links will redirect back to the original posts, the feed address remains the same so you don't have to update (or upd8 :-) ) anything.

Nothing else has changed. Well, except the fact that Ireena will be posting here more often (she actually has done that for a couple of days) and a small change to the logo.

Thank you very much for reading Web Upd8. And a special thank you to the subscribers!