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That's right, Web Upd8 gets its PPA. But don't get too excited about this, there won't be anything big in it, just small packages which don't have a PPA and I can easily pack. This means that in some of the new posts on Web Upd8, when no .deb file is available, I will try to package it and upload it to the PPA to make things easier for our readers.

I'm not an expert (in fact I'm still a noob at this) packaging so I might not be able to upload everything I want, but it's a nice start anyway.

A friendly note: I advise you not to add the PPA, but instead just download the .deb packages you need, as I might upload some more experimental packages there (currently there are 2 experimental packages: VLC 1.1.0 git and Terminator 0.90 alpha 1).

For now, these packages are available in the Web Upd8 PPA (like I said, just a few at the moment):

- VLC 1.1.0 (latest git code for today - the version states the tomorrow date but that's a small bug in the version, don't worry about it) - VLC 1.1.0 from git has quite a few bugs and in fact it took me a few days to get it to build on the PPA so I advise you not to use it unless you desperate want to try the latest git VLC.

- x264 - the latest x264 from 24 January - required by VLC.

- libtheora - I packaged version 1.1.1 because the version in Ubuntu Karmic is too old and I needed it for something.

- newsbeuter 2.2.1 - command line feed reader which we covered a few days ago.

- switcher - it's the combined desktop and app switcher gnome panel applet which we've also covered not so long ago.

- terminator - Terminator 0.90 alpha 1 (bzr code as of 22 January).

Like I said: nothing big (well, except VLC), but the PPA was basically created to help Web Upd8 users in the future. Hopefully, I will be able to keep it up to date.

You can find the PPA here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~nilarimogard/+archive/webupd8 (packages available for Karmic an Lucid, although some packages are already available in the Lucid repositories so that's why they are missing from the PPA).