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I usually update the WebUpd8 PPAs a lot more frequently then I blog about it on WebUpd8 so I though I would be nice for those who use the WebUpd8 PPAs to see a changelog for the recently uploaded packages, easily spot new uploads and so on.

So I've set up WebUpd8 PPAs Status, a small mini-blog (and easy to remember domain: ppa.webupd8.org) where I'll post the changelog for each update or a short description for each new upload.

You can receive the latest WebUpd8 PPAs news via RSS feed (separate RSS feed), like the WebUpd8 PPAs on Facebook and get updates in your home stream (this is a separate Facebook page) and/or via our main Twitter account.

That of course doesn't mean I won't post the major updates here, on WebUpd8, as long as I have the time to do it.

And speaking of the WebUpd8 PPAs: I've updated / uploaded quite a few packages the last couple of days: Victory GTK theme, Faenza Colors and Sublime Text 2 were updated to the latest version, Minty Freshness got a new major update that brings a default dark panel, fixed LibreOffice scrollbars and lots more and also I've uploaded new themes in the WebUpd8 Themes PPA: Fundamental Round 2, Bluebird GTK and Metacity merged as one theme for Gnome and Attack of the Clones GTK theme. Check out the news about all these @ WebUpd8 PPAs Status (usually I would have made a separate post on all of these here on WebUpd8 but I was very very busy today - sorry).

I hope you find it useful...