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Unity Privacy Indicator 0.4 Released With New Privacy Settings

Privacy Indicator was updated recently with new privacy settings, such as enabling / disabling the Ubuntu GeoIP service or storing HUD usage data, clear Alt-F2 history and more.

Privacy Indicator

For those not familiar with Privacy Indicator, this is an Ubuntu AppIndicator especially created for Unity, which allows you to control various privacy aspects.

Tribler BitTorrent Client To Become Anonymous, Version 6.3.1 Released

A year after the previous release, a new Tribler version was released recently and it includes new features, bug fixes as well as work towards anonymous streaming (using a built-in Tor-like network).

Tribler 6.3.1 Ubuntu

For those not familiar with Tribler, this is an open source, decentralized peer-to-peer client based on the BitTorrent protocol, supported by EU and Dutch research funding. The application includes features such as wiki-style channels, video-on-demand (watch videos while you download them) and more and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

How To Disable Amazon / Shopping Suggestions And Other Unity Scopes In Ubuntu 14.04 Or 13.10

In Ubuntu 13.04, if you want to get online search results in Dash without shopping suggestions, you can simply remove the Unity Shopping lens. In Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) and 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) you can't remove the Shopping lens but there is another way to achieve the same thing and it seems this isn't obvious because I've seen quite a few users complaining about it. So here's how to disable the shopping scopes or any scope for that matter, in Ubuntu 13.10 or 14.04, without disabling all the online search results.

Update: this article was initially written for Ubuntu 13.10 but everything here was tested and it works with Ubuntu 14.04 too.

Unity Dash sopping suggestions
Unity Dash with shopping suggestion

Unity Privacy Indicator: Quickly Enable Or Disable Dash Online Search Results Or Zeitgeist Logging

ubuntu privacy indicator

Privacy Indicator is an Ubuntu AppIndicator especially created to control some privacy aspects of Unity.

The AppIndicator can be used to enable or disable:
  • Dash online search results;
  • Zeitgeist logging (so when you disable this, all files you access won't be logged by Zeitgeist and thus, will not show up in Dash or any other applications that make use of Zeitgeist);
  • show real name on the Unity panel.
After a recent update, the indicator can also clear the Zeitgeist log and recent files (from the new Nautilus 3.6 sidebar, etc.).

    Nautilus 3.6: How To Clear The Recent Files List (Or Disable It)

    Nautilus 3.6 comes with a "Recent" sidebar item (left sidebar: Places > Recent) which displays recently used files: documents, pictures, music, videos and so on. 

    Nautilus Recent files

    This is a pretty big privacy issue because there's no option in System Settings (GNOME Control Center) to clear the Nautilus recent files list or to disable it.

    So here's how to clear this Nautilus Recent files list and optionally, how to completely disable it.