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Nemo 2.6 Gets A Plugin Manager, More [`Nemo With Unity Patches` PPA Updated]

While Nemo 2.6 wasn't officially released yet (Cinnamon 2.6 is currently undergoing testing in the Linux Mint Romeo repository), its source has been available for some time on GitHub. 

I've been using Nemo 2.6 (2.6.5) for about a week and it works great, so I've decided upload it to the WebUpd8 Nemo (with Unity patches and without Cinnamon dependencies) PPA.

Nemo 2.6

Yet Another Network Speed Ubuntu AppIndicator

Indicator Netspeed Unity is an Ubuntu AppIndicator which displays the current network upload / download speed on the panel. Despite its name, it should work with any panel that supports AppIndicators.

Indicator Netspeed Unity

Indicator Netspeed Unity is a heavily modified Indicator Netspeed, which adds the following extra features:

Fedora 22 Released, See What`s New [Workstation]

Fedora 22 workstation screenshots

Fedora 22 Workstation was released today and it ships with the latest stable GNOME 3.16, a new default package manager and other interesting changes. Let's take a look at what's new!

Grive2: Grive Fork (Google Drive Linux Client) With Partial Sync Support [PPA]

Grive was an unofficial, open source command line Linux client for Google Drive. I say "was" because the tool no longer works due to Google changing it's API recently and Grive not being maintained any more (there are no commits on its GitHub page since May, 2013).


To get Grive up and running again, Vitaliy Filippov forked it and named his fork "Grive2". The fork supports the new Google Drive REST API and it also includes a new feature: partial (directory) sync, along with bug fixes.

Fedora Post Install Tool `Fedy` Updated With New UI, Fedora 22 Support

Fedy 4.0 was released recently, bringing a completely rewritten, fully native GTK3 user interface as well as Fedora 22 (to be released tomorrow) support.

Fedy 1.4

Fedy (previously called Fedora Utils) is a tool which lets you install various packages which are not available in the official Fedora repositories, such as Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, Atom, Brackets and many others, as well as a few tweaks, like better font rendering or junk cleanup.

`Indicator Systemtray Unity`: On Demand System Tray For Ubuntu

If you still need a system tray in Ubuntu (Unity), you don't need the patched Unity any more. Instead, you can simply install `Indicator Systemtray Unity`, a new AppIndicator which adds a system tray to the Unity panel.

`Indicator Systemtray Unity` doesn't show up on the panel until you launch an application which comes with a tray icon. Even then, the systray is displayed on demand (on left/middle-click) and there are two modes available:

How To Hide Files And Folders In Your File Manager Without Renaming Them [Quick Tip]

Usually if you want to hide a file or folder so it doesn't show up in your file manager, you can rename it by adding a dot (".") at the beginning of the filename.

However, there are situations in which you may want to hide a file or folder without renaming it. For instance, some applications insist on creating a folder in the user's home directory or in the Documents folder (and they can't be renamed) and so on. But I don't want these folders cluttered - I want to easily find what I'm looking for.

Nemo hidden folder

Enpass Password Manager Gets ownCloud/WebDAV Sync Support, Debian / Ubuntu Repository

Enpass for Linux was updated today with ownCloud/WebDAV sync support, improved search functionality and more. There's also a new Debian/Ubuntu repository for easily installing and updating Enpass.

Enpass Password Manager

Official Syncthing Debian / Ubuntu Repository Released

Quick update for Syncthing users: an official Syncthing Ubuntu / Debian repository was released recently and it provides builds for amd64, i386 and arm.

Syncthing is a cross-platform peer-to-peer file synchronization client/server application written in Go. The tool is similar to BitTorrent Sync (but it's open source as opposed to BT Sync), and it's used to synchronize files between computers.

Global Menu Applet For Cinnamon Desktop: `Global Application Menu`

A much requested applet was released to the Cinnamon Applets website recently: Global Application Menu.

Global Application Menu is a Cinnamon (the desktop environment used by default in Linux Mint Cinnamon edition) applet which allows displaying the application menu on the Cinnamon panel, either as a horizontal menu or as a menu button:

Cinnamon global menu

mps-youtube Migrates To YouTube API v3, Gets Ubuntu Sound Menu Support

mps-youtube 0.2.4 was released today and with this version, the app was migrated to YouTube API v3. This is an important change because the old v2 API was shut down recently so previous mps-youtube versions no longer work.

Another important change in this release is the addition of MPRIS v2 support, which means that mps-youtube can now make use of Ubuntu's Sound Menu, GNOME Shell Media Player Indicator extension and so on.

Dock Applet: Icon-Only Window List For MATE Panel

Dock Applet is a new MATE Panel applet which displays running applications/windows as icons, unlike the default Window List applet which displays the app icon as well as the window title.

MATE Panel Dock Applet

ScudCloud: Unofficial Slack Client For Linux

Slack is a team communication platform which features persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups and direct messaging, all searchable from one search box. Furthermore, the app integrates with Google Docs and Dropbox, GitHub and many others.

Multi-Platform BitTorrent Client `qBittorrent` Sees New Major Release

qBittorrent 3.2.0 was released recently and it includes numerous changes such as support for Qt5, rewritten WebUI code, episode filtering for RSS, per tracker re-announce and much more.

qBittorrent 3.2.0

Pandora Client `Pithos` 1.1.0 And 1.0.2 Released

Two new Pithos versions were released yesterday: 1.1.0 (for GTK 3.14+ only) and 1.0.2 and they include an important bug fix which caused the app to stop playing randomly.


Pithos is a Pandora.com (a music streaming and recommendation service that's only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand) client which comes with pretty much everything you'd need in such an application, like:

Set Different Wallpapers For Each Workspace While Keeping Desktop Icons With Unity WallpaperSwitcher

Unity WallpaperSwitcher is a new tool which lets you have a different wallpaper for each Unity workspace (viewport).

You can already set different wallpapers for each workspace in Ubuntu (Unity) by using the Compiz Wallpaper plugin but this has one major drawback: the desktop icons are hidden. However, that's not the case with Unity WallpaperSwitcher: you can set a different wallpaper for each workspace and the desktop icons will continue to be displayed, as you can see in this short demo video:

GTK3 Download Manager `uGet` 2.0 Released

uGet 2.0 was released recently, bringing support for multi-thread downloading and mirrors for the curl plugin, individual download speed limiting, new settings dialog and more.

uGet download manager

uGet is an open source download manager which uses aria2 and curl under the hood, available for Linux, BSD, Android and Windows.

Drop-Down Terminal `Guake` 0.7.0 Released, Available In PPA

Guake is a drop-down terminal inspired by computer games consoles such as the one used in Quake, which slides down from the top of the screen when a key is pressed (F12 by default in Guake).

Guake terminal