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Fedy 4.0 was released recently, bringing a completely rewritten, fully native GTK3 user interface as well as Fedora 22 (to be released tomorrow) support.

Fedy 1.4

Fedy (previously called Fedora Utils) is a tool which lets you install various packages which are not available in the official Fedora repositories, such as Adobe Flash, Oracle Java, Atom, Brackets and many others, as well as a few tweaks, like better font rendering or junk cleanup.

Changes in Fedy 4.0:
  • fully native GTK3 UI;
  • rich plugins list with icon and description;
  • ability to search the plugins list;
  • easy overview of what's installed and what's not;
  • easy way to undo tasks;
  • tasks continue to run when the window is closed;
  • revamped plugin system to make it easier to write plugins (with a JSON formatted metadata file);
  • for plugins downloaded from third-party sources, Fedy now tries to detect and prevent malicions commands from running.

Fedy Tweaks

If you want to add your own custom plugins, simply add them to ~/.local/share/fedy/plugins (you may want to check out some existing plugins HERE).

There are also two features that are no longer available in the latest Fedy: the CLI version was removed and tasks cannot be cancelled once started. Fedy developer +Satyajit Sahoo says that he may add the command line interface back if there's enough demand.

Also, with this release, Fedy (which as you might know, will be available by default in Ozon OS), has been moved from OBS (openSUSE Build System) to Ozon's repository.

Thanks to this move, many things which were previously done manually are now packaged and available via this repository. Another upside to this is the fact that Fedy can support new Fedora versions before OBS (OBS is usually available for new Fedora releases after the stable version is released).

That's why the latest Fedy 4.0 already supports Fedora 22, even though OBS doesn't yet support it. 

Unfortunately, not all the packages the app can install are available from the Ozon OS repository, that's why there are a couple of things that don't yet work on Fedora 22: the Brackets and livna (which provides the libdvdcss packages) repositories - that's because Fedora 22 is not stable yet and these repositories weren't updated to support Fedora 22 for now.

Install Fedy

To install the latest Fedy in Fedora, you can use the following command which will download the Fedy installer script and run it:
su -c "curl https://satya164.github.io/fedy/fedy-installer -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"
To download the source, report bugs, etc., see the Fedy GitHub page.