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uGet 2.0 was released recently, bringing support for multi-thread downloading and mirrors for the curl plugin, individual download speed limiting, new settings dialog and more.

uGet download manager

uGet is an open source download manager which uses aria2 and curl under the hood, available for Linux, BSD, Android and Windows.

The application comes with numerous features such as clipboard monitoring, resumable multi-segment downloads, speed limiting, batch download support, scheduler, download categories, supports multiple protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink and many others.

Changes in uGet 2.0:
  • curl plugin: added support for multi-thread downloading and mirrors;
  • aria2 plugin:
    • better BitTorrent and metalink support;
    • support for JSON-RPC batch request to improve remote aria2 downloading;
    • support for RPC authorization secret token;
    • added "split" option to avoid less connections if user specify mirrors;
  • implemented individual download speed limiting;
  • reduce start-up time;
  • added new items to the tray/appindicator menu which allow enabling or disabling the clipboard monitor, set the clipboard monitor to work quietly (start downloads automatically, skipping the properties popup dialog), skip existing URI and more;
  • implemented multiple wildcards in Sequential Batch;
  • new settings dialog;
  • GTK 3.14 fixes;
  • many other changes and bug fixes - a complete changelog can be found HERE.

While the main reason to use a download manager in the past was to accelerate downloads and that's no longer the case because of today's Internet speeds (well, not for everybody and in such cases, uGet can help), uGet can still prove very useful in various situations - for instance, if you encounter slow mirrors, you can use uGet to download from multiple mirrors.

That's just an example but there are many others, like shutting down the computer after a large download finishes, categorizing the downloads, schedule various download tasks and so on.

Tip: uGet doesn't come with monochrome Ubuntu AppIndicator icons but you add icons for Ubuntu's Ambiance and Radiance themes manually - you'll find the icons along with installation instructions HERE.

Download uGet

Alternatively, Ubuntu / Linux Mint (and derivatives) users can install the latest uGet by adding its official stable PPA. Add the PPA and install uGet using the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plushuang-tw/uget-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install uget aria2

* The uGet downloads page doesn't provide the latest uGet 2.0 yet, that's why I've used SourceForge for the download link above.