Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

  1. Firefox 4: Get Tabs In The Title Bar (Like Chrome)
  2. Smooth Inset: The First Real Theme For The New Gnome Shell
  3. Elementary GTK Theme 2.1 Released
  4. Nautilus 3.0 Beta Screenshot (With New Sidebar Design, Floating Statusbar)
  5. Minty Freshness: New LMDE Theme Based On Orta, Created By SkiesOfAzel
  6. Unity 3.6.4 Brings Resizable Launcher, ALT + F2 Run Dialog, More [Ubuntu 11.04] & Unity "Two-Sided Dock" Mockup
  7. Install Sparkleshare In Ubuntu Via PPA (Open Source Cloud Sync - Dropbox Alternative)
  8. Download DraftSight - Free AutoCAD-Compatible 2D CAD Software For Linux
  9. Firefox: Embedded PDFs With Evince (Using Mozplugger)
  10. Parcellite 1.0, PuddleTag 0.10.0 [WebUpd8 PPA Updates]