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Unity 3.6.4 was uploaded to the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal repositories a few minutes ago, brining some features many of you were waiting for. Read on!

ALT + F2 is back! And looking cool: pressing ALT + F2 will open Dash in a special "command" mode and it displays a nice list of recently used commands:

Ubuntu 11.04 Unity Dash ALT F2

The Unity launcher is now resizable, thanks to Andrea's patch:

Unity launcher various icon sizes

The launcher now supports a minimum size of 32 pixels and a maximum of 64 pixels. The default is still 48 pixels.

You can now directly access a category from the Unity applications / files places. This was available in Ubuntu 10.10 but it was just re-introduced in the new Compiz-based Unity in Ubuntu 11.04:

Ubuntu 11.04 screenshot

Ubuntu 11.04 screenshot

Further more, Dash now suggests applications you can install:

Dash suggest applications to install

Clicking on a suggested app, Ubuntu Software Center is launched (or should be - it crashes for me).

Another change which I'm not really sure when it happened (might be old) is that Firefox now has appmenu (global menu) support by default:

Firefox globalmenu Ubuntu 11.04

This is not in the below video because I've noticed it after publishing this post.

And finally, Dash got a blur option:

Ubuntu 11.04 screenshot

Unity 3.6.4 video

As usual, here's a video with the latest Unity 3.6.4 in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal:

In the above video you can also see the new Ubuntu One design and logo.