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  1. Download 20 Great Linux Books For Free
  2. Hotot: A New Lightweight Twitter Client For Linux
  3. Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OSX In Seconds Using Macbuntu
  4. Firefox 4.0 Removes The Statusbar But Adds A New Add-on Bar; New Stand-Alone Profile Manager On The Way & Firefox 4 For Linux Video / Screenshots Preview (Beta 7 Pre)
  5. GmailWatcher: A Gmail Notifier Especially Designed For Ubuntu
  6. GLX Dock (Cairo Dock) 2.2 Released With A Panel Mode, Multiple Instances Support, MeMenu, Messaging Menu And Lots More
  7. Rhythm-e - Elementary Rhythmbox Is On Its Way!
  8. Synchronize Your OpenOffice Documents With Google Docs, Zoho And WebDAV Servers Using Ooo2gd
  9. OpenShot 1.2.2 (Video Editor) Released With 3D Animated Titles, DVD Export
  10. Download Pulseaudio System-Wide Equalizer Fixed .deb For Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat