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best 20 free linux books

LinuxLinks has a nice article called "20 of the Best Free Linux Books" which provides info and (free) download links for 20 great Linux books, available in PDF and/or HTML format.

The books range from specialized books like the "Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, "Getting Started with OpenOffice.org 3.x" or "Grokking the GIMP" to books on the history and cultural significance of Free Software.

There are also lots of books on getting started / using Linux such as "The Linux Starter Pack" or "Bash Guide for Beginners". And of course, advanced users will find something to read too: "Advanced Linux Programming", "Linux 101 & 102 Modular Training Notes" or "Linux Network Administrator's Guide - 2nd Edition".

Head over to LinuxLinks and download 20 of the best free Linux books.

Thanks to I-75 @ Ubuntuforums for the link!