Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

  1. Cairo-Dock 2.1.3 Is Out, Features A Simplified Configuration Panel
  2. MultiCD Builds a Multi-boot CD / DVD With Many Different Linux Distributions And / Or Utilities
  3. TestDrive Automatically Downloads And Runs The Latest Ubuntu Development Snapshot In A Virtual Machine
  4. How To Extract All Text From PDFs (Including Text In Images) In Ubuntu
  5. A Few Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) Screenshots
  6. Reviews Of iPhone/iPod Synchronizing Applications For Linux
  7. Google Announces Google Buzz - Social Media Comes To Gmail
  8. Exaile 0.3.1 Beta Released, Features An Equalizer And A Revamped Tag Editor
  9. Nautilus Elementary Gets ClutterFlow Integration And Configurable RGBA
  10. Warmth: New Beautiful Ubuntu Lucid Proposed Community Theme

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