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google buzz

Google has just announce Google Buzz, "a new way to communicate within Gmail".

Key features (as presented by Google):
  • Auto-following
  • Rich, fast sharing experience
  • Public and private sharing
  • Inbox integration
  • Just the good stuff

When Google Buzz will be available to you, a new label should be available under the Inbox. Google will be rolling out Google Buzz to everyone over the next few days; you'll see a new "Buzz" link under "Inbox" when it's on for your account.

Google Buzz provides links to website, content from around the web: Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, and other sites are aggregated. It feels a lot like Twitter, with @replies and a "recommended" feature that will show buzzes from people you don’t follow if your friends are sharing or commenting on that person’s buzz (RT anyone?).

Here is a video Google just published on their new "Buzz":

Google Reader also gets integration with Google Buzz:

Getting started with Google Buzz is easy. Just head over to Gmail and you'll be able to link up your Google Reader account with just a few clicks. Then, anything you share in Reader will automatically be posted to Buzz. Comments are even shared between both products, so you can view and participate in the conversation wherever you'd prefer.

More on Google Reader integration @ Google Reader blog.

TechCrunch is posting on this from the event so you might want to check out their post for updates. We'll be updating this post if new info comes out.

The official announcement can be found HERE.

Image credits: techcrunch.