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This is the second post for which I have to thank Google Buzz (well, actually to Daniel Rodrigues): some screenshots with recent changes in Ubuntu Lucid. I was too lazy to take them myself at the time they were introduced, so with a bit of delay here they are:

ubuntu 10.04 lucid nautilus screenshot
(Nautilus with tabs on the bottom)

ubuntu lucid 10.04 human theme screenshot
(Human Lucid - with the new Murrine in action)

dual pane nautilus ubuntu lucid 10.04 screenshot
(Dual Pane Nautilus)

ubuntu lucid screenshots
(Cafelatte theme looking good)

me-menu Ubuntu Lucid screenshot
(The new social me-menu which uses the Gwibber API)

Please note that Human-Lucid and Cafelatte themes are not included in Ubuntu Lucid, Daniel only took the screenshots to illustrate the new Murrine options.

If you want to send some Ubuntu Lucid recent screenshots for this post you can send them to our email address which you can find in the Contact page.

Special thanks to Daniel Rodriguez for the screenshots!