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How To Stream Audio To A Chromecast Or DLNA / UPnP Device From Linux (Using pulseaudio-dnla)

pulseaudio-dlna is a lightweight streaming server that makes it easy to stream audio from a Linux computer that uses PulseAudio, to a DLNA / UPnP or Chromecast device in the same network.

Ubuntu Make 16.03 Released With Eclipse JEE And IntelliJ IDEA EAP Support, More

Ubuntu Make is a command line tool created by Canonical, which allows installing various development tools on Ubuntu. It can be used to install Android Studio, Unity3D, IntelliJ IDEA, Firefox Development Edition, Node.js and much more.

Ubuntu Make 16.03, released today, adds support for Eclipse JEE and IntelliJ IDEA EAP, as well as for the Kotlin compiler, along with various fixes, such as:

Get Chrome And Firefox 52+ To Support Installing GNOME Shell Extensions From The GNOME Extensions Repository

[Quick tip for GNOME Shell users] By default, users are able to install GNOME Shell extensions from extensions.gnome.org only by using Firefox or Epiphany (Web) browsers.

Until GNOME Software will be able to install and update GNOME Shell extensions, Google Chrome / Chromium users are a bit left out, at least as far as the default experience goes. 

However, there is an easy way of installing GNOME Shell extensions using Chrome: with the help of a Chrome extension and a native connector that provides integration with GNOME Shell and its extensions repository, extensions.gnome.org.

Update 1: the extension also supports other Chromium-based web browsers such as Opera and Vivaldi.

Update 2: Chrome GNOME Shell now also supports Firefox. This is important because with version 52, Firefox no longer supports NPAPI plugins.

Google Chrome GNOME Extension Repository integration
extensions.gnome.org integration for Google Chrome

Video Editor `OpenShot` 2.0.7 (Beta 4) Released, Adds Universal Linux AppImage Downloads

OpenShot is a free and open source video editor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. 

OpenShot Video Editor 2.0.7 Ubuntu

With version 2.0, which was born as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, OpenShot uses a new cross-platform engine written in C++, while the app uses PyQt5. Also, while version 1.x is Linux only, with version 2.0, the application is also available for Windows and Mac OS X.

The latest OpenShot 2.0.7 (beta 4) brings improved stability and performance, as well as new features, such as support for image sequences.

Mailnag Email Notifier 1.2 Released With New IMAP Folder Chooser, Updated Popup Menu Layout For GNOME Shell, More

Mailnag is a desktop-independent email notifier for Linux. The application supports both POP3 and IMAP servers and on email arrival, it performs various actions like visual or sound notifications, allows executing a script and more.

For Unity and GNOME Shell, there are two Mailnag extensions that further integrate the application with the desktop. 

Mailnag email notifier Unity
Mailnag Unity integration with Messaging Menu

Using the Mailnag Unity plugin, the application integrates with the Messaging Menu, while using the GNOME Shell plugin makes Mailnag available on the top panel, and it includes an email counter and popup menu (updated with the latest 1.2 version), which you can see below. 

Mailnag email notifier gnome shell
Mailnag GNOME Shell extension

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Final Beta Available For Download [Video, Screenshots]

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS final beta is available for download, and it includes quite a few changes, including an option to move the Unity Launcher to the bottom of the screen, the replacement of Ubuntu Software Center with GNOME Software and more.

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus screenshots

Note that this is the first and only Ubuntu 16.04 (with Unity) beta. The ISO says "beta 2" because some of the Ubuntu flavors (like Ubuntu MATE) also had a beta 1 release, and this is beta 2 for them.

GNOME 3.20 Released With Various Refinements And Application Updates

After the usual 6-month development cycle, GNOME 3.20 was released today and it includes changes such as updated Software app, which can now handle operating system upgrades, image editing capabilities for the Photos app, a new shortcuts window which displays the available keyboard shortcuts in most GNOME apps, and much more.

GNOME 3.20 screenshots

Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet Available To Pre-Order On Monday [Updated]

The Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet will be available for pre-order on Monday, March 28, in two versions: HD (1280 x 800) and FHD (1920 x 1200).

Built by Spanish company BQ, who was the first to release an Ubuntu phone, Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition is both the first Ubuntu tablet and the first Ubuntu device to provide a converged experience.

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Gets Option To Move Unity Launcher To The Bottom

Ubuntu 16.04 will ship with an option to move the Unity Launcher (dock) to the bottom of the screen.

The feature that allows moving the Unity Launcher / Dash to the bottom of the screen, landed in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus (to be released on April 21st) on Friday.

Tilix (Previously Terminix): Promising New Tiling Terminal Emulator For GNOME 3

Tilix (previously Terminix is a new GTK3 tiling terminal emulator. The application allows splitting terminals both horizontally and vertically, with re-arrangeable terminals using drag and drop, and options to save and restore terminal layouts.

Terminix GTK3 tiling terminal emulator

Ping Indicator Is A Nice Link Monitor Applet Replacement

Ping Indicator is an AppIndicator created as a replacement for the old Link Monitor GNOME 2 panel applet.

Ping Indicator Ubuntu

The application "pings" a given set of hosts (with configurable ping interval) and monitors the response time with logarithmic scale, displaying the results in the indicator menu.

Use GNOME 3.18+ Google Drive Integration Feature In Unity, Xfce And Other Desktop Environments [Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10]

GNOME 3.18 added the ability to access Google Drive directly from Files (Nautilus). To use this feature, all you have to do is add your Google account to GNOME Online Accounts and enable "Files":

GNOME 3.18 online accounts

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus already includes GNOME 3.18 for the most part however, because Unity doesn't use GNOME Control Center (also known as GNOME System Settings or just Settings) and GNOME Online Accounts and instead, it ships with a fork (unity-control-center), it doesn't include this feature by default.

Even so, you can use the GNOME 3.18 Google Drive integration in Unity as well as other desktop environments, as long as you use Ubuntu (and derivatives: Xubuntu, etc.) 16.04 Xenial Xerus. This won't work with Ubuntu versions older than 16.04!

Update: this also works with Ubuntu 16.10 and Linux Mint 18.x.

Dual-Panel File Manager `Double Commander` Sees New Release

Double Commander is a file manager that uses two side-by-side panels, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The application ships with two interfaces: GTK2 and Qt4.

Double Commander file manager Ubuntu

Lightweight Dock `Plank` 0.11.0 Released With Docklets Support, More

Plank, the simple, lightweight dock written in Vala, which is used by default in elementary OS, reached version 0.11.0.

The latest Plank 0.11.0 adds docklets support (the first four icons from the dock in the screenshot above are docklets: show desktop, clipboard manager, clock and trash), migration to GSettings for dock settings and more. 

Y PPA Manager Updated With Important Launchpad PPA Search Fix

Due to some Launchpad changes, the PPA package search feature available in Y PPA Manager stopped working properly a while back, returning just part of the search results. The latest Y PPA Manager 2016.03.11, which I released today, fixes this issue.

Here's a Y PPA Manager search for "nemo" (with Xenial set as the Ubuntu version under the Y PPA Manager settings), before and after this fix:

Y PPA Manager

Nemo With Unity Patches Available For Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

Quick update: Nemo (2.8.7) with Unity patches and without Cinnamon dependencies is now available in the WebUpd8 Nemo PPA for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus.

Nemo File Manager Ubuntu

Manage Passwords From The Command Line With `Pass`

`pass` is a simple, flexible command line password manager that follows the Unix philosophy. The application saves each password in an encrypted GPG file and allows organizing them in various folder hierarchies.

pass command line password manager

ownCloud 9 Brings File Comments And Tags, More

ownCloud, the free software alternative to proprietary web services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and others, reached version 9.

ownCloud 9

Create A Bootable USB Stick On Ubuntu With GNOME Disks [Quick Tip]

[Quick tip] Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator has been known to be buggy at times, so users have been looking for alternatives. Well, some might not be aware of this, but there's another GUI tool already installed by default in Ubuntu (w/ Unity) and Ubuntu GNOME, as well as other GNOME-based Linux distributions, which allows creating a bootable USB stick: GNOME Disks.

Easily Backup Photos And Videos From Multiple Android And iOS Devices To Your Desktop With DAEMON Sync

DAEMON Sync is a tool created by the DAEMON Tools developers, which allows users to backup files from mobile devices to the desktop, over the local wireless network.

Daemon Sync
DAEMON Sync Android app

The application is free to use but not free and open source software, and it consists of two parts: the server, which you'll have to install on your computer, available for Linux (only deb files available), Windows and Mac OS X, and the mobile app, which runs on Android and iOS.

How To Save And Restore The Unity Session In Ubuntu (Using A Script)

Unity doesn't support saving the current session and restoring it upon login for quite some time however, you can do this with the help of a script.

Fix `Failed To Fetch` Google Chrome Repository After Google Dropped Support For Its Browser On Linux 32bit

As announced back in December, Google stopped supporting Google Chrome on 32-bit Linux starting this month. Users running a 32bit Linux distribution are advised to stop using Google Chrome because, while it will continue to work, it will no longer receive any updates (including no security fixes).

The 32-bit build configurations for Chromium continues to be supported, so you can still use Chromium browser on 32-bit Linux distributions.

Because the official Google Chrome repository no longer provides 32-bit packages, 64-bit Ubuntu/Debian users will notice an error when updating the software sources, which looks as follows:

How To Install Budgie Desktop In Ubuntu 16.04 Or 16.10 Via PPA

Budgie is a modern GTK-based desktop that was written from scratch, with simplicity and elegance in mind.

Budgie Desktop Ubuntu screenshot

MComix Is A Great Linux Comic Book Reader (Latest Version Available In PPA)

MComix is a versatile comic book reader that supports both western comics and manga, in a variety of container formats, including CBR, CBZ, CB7, LHA and PDF. The application is available for Linux and Windows.

MComix Ubuntu

Copy And Paste Images From The Clipboard In Nautilus

If you copy an image in Nautilus, you can't directly paste it in an image editor, like GIMP, because the file is copied and not the image itself.

Here's where the Nautilus CopyPaste Images extension comes in. This small extension, created by Lorenzo from atareao.es, allows you to copy and paste images as... images, and not as files.

Translate Any Text You Select On Your Linux Desktop With A Keyboard Shortcut And Notifications

I recently stumbled upon an interesting tiny old script which can translate any text you select. After highlighting the text, be it in a web browser, Libreoffice or PDF document and so on, upon using a keyboard shortcut, its translation is displayed in a desktop notification.

Google Translate notification Linux

Quickly Batch Rename Files In Linux With These 3 GUI Tools

Renaming multiple files manually can be a pain and not everyone is comfortable performing such operations from the command line. Below you'll find 3 Linux GUI utilities that should be able to cover most of your bulk renaming needs.