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Ping Indicator is an AppIndicator created as a replacement for the old Link Monitor GNOME 2 panel applet.

Ping Indicator Ubuntu

The application "pings" a given set of hosts (with configurable ping interval) and monitors the response time with logarithmic scale, displaying the results in the indicator menu.

For each host, the app shows the response time as a graph in the AppIndicator icon. On packet losses, the graph turns red, as you can see in the screenshot above, for the latest entry, which doesn't exist.

Ping Indicator is useful in many situations, including to track your latency in various areas (by adding hosts from certain areas), monitor your website latency, track when a website that went down goes back up and so on.

According to its developer, Ping Indicator still has some rough edges and unimplemented parts from the old Link Monitor Applet, and asks its users to star and watch the project on GitHub, to encourage further improvements.

Download Ping Indicator

Note: Ping Indicator doesn't come with a .desktop file, so it doesn't show up in the menu. To launch it, either use "Run Command" (Alt + F2) or a terminal and type: "ping-indicator" (without the quotes).

Report any bugs you may find @ GitHub.