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IMPloader is a script that fetches the posters for the top 10 Box Office movies of the week and automatically generates a wallpaper. You can customize how many images are used (but there's a maximum of 10), the style (black, white and polaroid), width and height of the wallpaper and border of the images.

Here are two examples of wallpapers generated using IMPloader:




To use it, you'll need Ruby and Imagemagick. Install these packages in Ubuntu using the following commands:
sudo apt-get install ruby imagemagick

Then, download the script from Gnome Look and extract it on your desktop.

Now you'll have to run the script - the first time is for generating the config file:
cd ~/Desktop/118501-Desktop

This will create a new config file under ~/.imploaderrc. Open it with gedit:
gedit ~/.imploaderrc

Here you can customize everything about your wallpaper. The config file is well documented so I'll not get into details. If you do not edit the "TEMPPATH" variable inside the config file, the new wallpaper will be created on your desktop (and it will be called collage.jpg).

Once you're done with the config file, run the script again and it should generate the wallpaper:

If you want the wallpaper updated once a day you can add a cron-job for this or simply add the imploader.rb script to your startup applications to generate a new wallpaper each time your computer starts.

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