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carbon earth wallpaper

Remember the great (almost) real-time Earth wallpaper script for Linux created by Claudio Novais @ Ubuntued?

Well, Claudio created another version of the wallpaper, called "Earth on Carbon Fiber" and it includes a much smaller Earth image on a carbon fiber wallpaper. The reason for this is so that you'll have enough space for the icons on your desktop and still have the cool Earth image from opentopia.com which is constantly updated to give you an overview of the Earth.

The new version of the script is also very easy to install, with a single command installing the script and adding it to your startup applications.

To install Imagemagick (for the convert command), download, extract and install the new Earth on Carbon Fiber wallpaper script, run the following commands in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick
wget http://ubuntued.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/GloboCarbonFiber.zip
unzip GloboCarbonFiber.zip -d ~
cd .WallpaperReal/Globo_CarbonFiber/
./GloboCarbon.sh -install

The last command will apply the wallpaper and put the script in your startup applications. Alternatively, you may download the .zip file from Claudio's website.

Note: the wallpaper applied will have an 1680x1080 screen resolution and if you don't have this resolution and the wallpapers looks weird, you can tweak it by right clicking on your Desktop and selecting "Change Desktop background", and play with the "Style" options (for my 1980x1080 resolution I've used the "Zoom" option).

Credits for this script: Claudio Novalis