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For Windows, there is an application for this called Gijsco’s Last.fm Desktop Generator and you can download it from HERE. Using it is very simple so I won't cover this part.


You must use Wallpaperfm.py, a Python script that generates desktop wallpapers from your last.fm music profile. It runs on Linux but should run just as well on Mac and Windows.

To generate a wallpaper using Wallpaperfm is very simple. All you have to do is open a terminal and paste the following commands:

mkdir wallpaperfm
cd wallpaperfm
wget http://ledazibao.free.fr/wallpaperfm/wallpaperfm.py
chmod a+x wallpaperfm.py

You can change the folder where wallpaperfm.py is downloaded and your image is created in the commands above.

To generate your wallpaper:
./wallpaperfm.py -u YOURLASTFMUSERNAME

Obviously, you must change YOURLASTFMUSERNAME with your last.fm username.

This will create an image like this:


But that's not all wallpaperfm can do. The script can generate 3 different wallpapers. Select the one you want between 'tile', 'glass' and 'collage' with '-m' or '--Mode'. For instance, running:
./wallpaperfm.py -u YOURLASTFMUSERNAME -m collage

Will generate an image like this:

wallpaperfm linux

You can also tweak the canavas size, resolution, time period and many others. For info about all this, visit Wallpaperfm website.