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gMusicBrowser is a very interesting music player that is very easy to customize. As you probably know, it will replace Exaile in Xubuntu (starting with Xubuntu 11.04).

gMusicBrowser Art is a project that provides some cool new layouts as well as an Awoken notification area icon.

Here are some screenshots:

gMusicBrowser Arkanoid 2 layout

In the above screenshot you can see the Arkanoid2 player layout and the Arkanoid try tip layout.

Here's another screenshot using a layout that makes gMusicBrowser look like Audacious:

gMusicBrowser Audacious layout

And finally, a screenshot featuring Arkanoid2 skinned (for how to use an image to skin Arkanoid2, see this page on DeviantArt):

Arkanoid layout gmusicbrowser
(screenshot via Deviantart)

You can find a lot more screenshots @ DeviantArt.

Install gMusicBrowser Art

To use gMusicBrowser Art, you'll need the latest gMusicBrowser from the ShimmerProject PPA. Check out the following post for installation instructions: Install gMusicBrowser 1.1.6 In Ubuntu.

The gMusicBrowser Art code is available at GitHub but if you use Ubuntu 10.10, there's a PPA you can add to easily install gMusicBrowser Art:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andreas-boettger/gmusicbrowser-art
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gmusicbrowser-art

If you use some other Ubuntu version (10.04 or 11.04), you can try to install the .deb manually - get it from the PPA.

gMusicBrowser preferences

Once installed, head over to the gMusicBrowser preferences and you'll find some new layouts (on the Layouts tab). To get the cool "Arkanoid" tray you can see in the first screenshot, select "Arkanoid tray" under "Tray tip window layout". To get an Awoken notification area icon, check the "Show tray icon" box and select the icon theme under it.