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WebUpd8 reader Tinhed who is a long time Xubuntu user let us know that gMusicBrowser will replace Exaile in Xubuntu 11.04.

gMusicBrowser will probably use the Shimmer interface by default (as we've seen in our last gMusicBrowser post, this amazing music player comes with lots of layouts) but with some further tweaks which include sort-by-artist mode for mosaic, rename the layouts, make a netbook layout and more:

gMusicBrowser Shimmer layout
(Shimmer Layout - SongTree View)

gMusicBrowser shimmer layout
(Shimmer Layout - Mosaic View)

Here is a screenshot with the netbook layout:

gMusicBrowser netbook layout

gMusicBrowser is not yet default in Xubuntu, but it can be installed by using the Shimmer PPA. Instructions can be found HERE.

The news comes from yesterday's Xubuntu Community Team meeting which also reveals that LightDM is considered to replace GDM (not decided for now).

The meeting also raised the problem of XFCE PPAs - there are currently no official XFCE PPAs (at least not for XFCE 4.8) however no decision to create an official PPA has been taken yet.

Thanks to Tinhed for the tip and Simon Steinbeiß for the gMusicBrowser netbook layout screenshot; via xflinux