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gMusicBrowser 1.1.6
(Shimmer Layout - SongTree View)

gMusicBrowser is a Linux music player that is designed for large music libraries (more then 10.000 songs). It supports ogg vorbis, mp3 and flac files (and mpc/ape with gstreamer or mplayer) and has some very interesting features such as multiple and customizable views, simple mass-tagging and mass-renaming with a fully featured tag editor, customizable labels can be set to each song as well as the features all the other music players have.

Have you tried gMusicBrowser recently? I somehow forgot to add its PPA when I've upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat so I've missed the recent development; gMusicBrowser 1.1.6 was released last month and it looks better then ever thanks to the widgets reorganization (which used to look a bit messy) - but that's not all that's new in the latest 1.1.6!

Firstly, here are some more gMusicBrowser 1.1.6 screenshots:

(Shimmer Layout - Mosaic View)

gMusicBrowser 1.1.6
(QuodLibet-like Layout)

("With playlist" layout)

GmusicBrowser 1.1.6
("With tabbedlist" layout)

(itunes-like layout)

gMusicBrowser 1.1.6 changelog:
  • small change to gmbrc file (don't go back to a previous version or you will lose your artist/album pictures)
  • rename a number of widgets, the old name will still work
  • fix trayicon not transparent (depends on the panel used, breaks transparency on some, seems it will eventually works for all panels)
  • LabelTime widget improvement 
  • more "activate" options for SongTree, SongList and FilterPanes (and fixes)
  • some lyrics fixes and add font and justification option
  • add optional SuggestionMenu to SimpleSearch
  • change the click behavior of TimeSlider and VolumeSlider, use option step_mode=1 to keep the old behavior
  • add "Recent songs include skipped songs that haven't been played" option
  • make all backends behave the same when seeking while paused
  • mass-tagging dialog : change widget for genres and labels
  • change the way songs are counted as played/skipped and add options
  • change handling of http connections (use wget or AnyEvent::HTTP if found)
  • add support for custom filename formats in mass-tagging dialog
  • fixes for reading of ape files info
  • ape tags are now case-insensitive
  • support edition of embedded pictures in ogg and flac files
  • add "Start in tray" option
  • FilterPane mosaic mode: add options to display info next to picture or below it
  • add text format options for album/artist FilterLists
  • add Show and Hide commands, make Show the default command when an instance is already running
  • improve artist splitting options, and make changing the option immediate
  • add option to find guest artist in song titles such as : "songname (feat. artistname)"
  • make rating stars part of the icon theme, the number of stars now depends on the number of stars files found
  • fix HP/VP resizing issues
  • add "auto-select pictures" for albums
  • add optional fields, custom fields and field options
  • update French, Swedish and Spanish translations and add Portuguese and Czech translations
  • add MPRIS v1 plugin
  • add artistinfo plugin
  • add elementary icon theme

Install gMusicBrowser 1.1.6 in Ubuntu

To add the Shimmer project PPA and install the latest gMusicBrowser in Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick or Natty, use the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shimmerproject/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gmusicbrowser

Once installed, you switch between the three Shimmer layout views by clicking the "Simple view", "Songtree view" and "Mosaic view" buttons on the top right corner of the window. To use a completely different layout, go to Settings > Layouts and change the "Player window Layout" to whatever you want.