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Rhythmbox youtube clips

First of all, you should know that YoutubeClips is not a Rhythmbox plugin that allows you to search for YouTube videos and play them in Rhythmbox. What the plugin does is automatically searches YouTube and displays the video of the currently playing song in Rhythmbox.

Besides automatically searching an playing the videos, YouTubeClips allows you to watch the video in full screen or open it in your web browser.

Install YouTubeClips Rhythmbox plugin

YoutubeClips doesn't work with Ubuntu 10.04 (not because of Rhythmbox but it seems related to sqlite) but it works just fine in Ubuntu 10.10!

1. Install python-gtkmozembed:
sudo apt-get install python-gtkmozembed

2. Install GIT - required to download YouTube Clips:
sudo apt-get install git git-core

3. Download and install YouTubeClips using the following commands:
mkdir -p ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
cd ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/
git clone http://github.com/vincent/youtubeclips.git yt
mv yt/youtubeclips/ .
sudo rm -r yt/

Now you can start Rhythmbox and enable the plugin via Edit > Plugins.

Unfortunately, the plugin has a few downsides: firstly, it uses Flash for playing the videos. And secondly: you'll have to mute either the video or Rhythmbox so you don't hear the same song twice, but you may still find it useful for watching the music video for each song you play in Rhythmbox (as long as the video is available on YouTube).

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