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Rhythmbox SyncLastFM

RB SyncLastFM is a Rhythmbox plugin which provides some Last.fm synchronization features:
  • It automatically downloads the Last.fm play count for your username and associates it with your Rhythmbox play count for each track - this isn't done for all the tracks at once but only when you play a track.
  • If a track is locally unrated, it will fill its rating field with 5 stars if you've previously loved that track on Last.fm.

Install RB SyncLastFM in Ubuntu

For Ubuntu Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid:

RB SyncLastFM has an Ubuntu PPA so to install it in Ubuntu (Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid - unfortunately there are no packages available for Maverick at this time), use the following commands:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jldupont/jldupont
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rbsynclastfm

This PPA also comes with 2 additional plugins for making RB SyncLastFM more accurate but since both of those apps come with their own Notification area icons and also because RB SyncLastFM worked just fine in my test without those 2 applications, I recommend you don't install them. If you still want to install them, see the RB SyncLastFm plugin page for more info.

For Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat:

Until there are packages available for Ubuntu 10.10, you can simply download and install the Lucid .deb.

Once installed, activate the plugin in Rhythmbox (Edit > Plugins > Last.fm Synchronization Features). Important: for this plugin to work, you need the Last.fm plugin for Rhythmbox to be installed and configured (though not necessarily active).

To display the ratings and play count fields in Rhythmbox, go to Edit > Preferences and on the "General" tab, check the "Play count" and "Rating" boxes under "Visible Columns".

If you're not using Ubuntu, you can get the RB SyncLastFM source via GitHub.