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awn lucido symmetry

AWN Lucido was already amazing, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Just check out the video below with the latest AWN Lucido from AWN Lucido PPA (build as of today):

So what's new in AWN Lucido? Well, the new version adds animation, Curves Symmetry as well as a new config key for the 3D style: thickness.

To install the latest AWN Lucido, check out our AWN Lucid installation instructions post.

As usual, Alberto, the AWN Lucido developer (which is now an official AWN developer) wants your feedback before merging this into the main Avant Window Navigator. So what do you think of the updated 3D style? What about Curves Symmetry? You can suggest any improvements to Alberto in the comments below.

Update: Alberto made some more changes to Lucido - see them here.

Many thanks to Alberto for the info, video and screenshot!