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Avant Window Navigator in the AWN testing PPA got the Zeitgeist applet demoed a few months back. But only starting today you can finally use the Zeitgeist applet with AWN - through Zeitgeist integration was already available through DockBarX -, but the official Zeitgeist applet is amazing: you activate a window (it doesn't work with all the applications but try a browser, text editor and so on) and then clicking Zeitgeist (called "Related") applet displays the most recently used files as well as frequently used files.

For example, here are the files related to Firefox (Minefield 3.7):

zeitgeist avant window navigator

And for Gedit:

avant window navigator gedit related

Here is an old video with AWN Zeitgeist ("Related") applet (via mhr3):

To install Avant Window Navigator from the AWN testing PPA, see this post (you have to remove AWN from the Ubuntu repositories first).

Once installed, in the AWN Preferences, under "Applets", enable the "Related applet".

In other Avant Window Navigator news, the Lucido branch this time, Alberto made some interesting changes:

awn lucido

- For consistency with other styles (flat, curved, edge, ...), the Lucido behavior was changed - unfortunately this breaks the current Lucido themes (Alberto apologizes for this)
- Border colors are now really border
- Highlight colors now acts on the stripe
- Curves Symmetry now is more flexible, it acts on both Lucido parts
- better handling of icon padding with 3D style when changing thickness and/or 3d angle

A video with the recent AWN Lucido changes:

You can download the AWN Lucido theme in the video from here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2155244/Liucid.tgz

Install AWN Lucido following the same instructions in the link in the beginning of the post (make sure you add both AWN and Lucido PPAs).

Lucido video and screenshot provided by Albert. Zeitgeist tip sent from Manhattan OS developer Kevin McDole - many thanks to both!