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awn lucido

Update: AWN Lucido has been merged into the main AWN so this post has been updated with the new installation instructions (all you have to do is install Avant Window Navigator from the AWN trunk PPA).

Among the changes in the latest AWN Lucido are: 3d style and also now there are separators used instead of expanders to get the Lucido style.

Add the AWN Trunk PPA and install Avant Window Navigator

 Update: the steps below are not required for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. The latest Ubuntu version already has the newest Avant Window Navigator in the repositories so simply search for it in Ubuntu Software Center.

1. Firstly, make sure you remove Avant Window Navigator and all its packages if you are using the stable 0.4.0 version and not the 0.4.1 trunk version:
sudo apt-get remove avant-window-navigator avant-window-navigator-data awn-settings awn-applets-c-core libawn1 vala-awn && sudo apt-get autoremove
Then open Synaptic and double check there are no AWN packages left.

2. Add the PPA
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:awn-testing/ppa && sudo apt-get update

3. Install AWN with Lucido:
sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-trunk avant-window-navigator-data-trunk python-awn-trunk awn-settings-trunk awn-applets-python-core-trunk python-awn-extras-trunk awn-applets-python-extras-trunk awn-applets-c-core-trunk awn-applets-c-extras-trunk