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avant window navigator lucido

Update: Lucido has been merged into AWN 0.4.1 so use THESE instructions to install it.

AWN Lucido is an amazing new style for Avant Window Navigator which you saw in action HERE.

A new version of AWN Lucido has been released:
  • refresh bugfixes
  • background caching for all styles for better performance (not only Lucido)
  • a smarter way to handle expanders (try to change bar align (position) to left or right position in expanded mode).

For example, in the AWN settings (Preferences tab), drag the "position on the screen" slider to the left or right and you'll get something like this:

awn lucido

Dragging it to the center you'll get something like this:

awn lucido

There's more good news for AWN Lucido fans: there's now an AWN Lucido PPA for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

Before installing, here's a video with the latest AWN Lucido in action:

(you can also watch this video in HTML5 w/ WebM @ YouTube)

Important: to install AWN Lucido you have to remove AWN from the Ubuntu official repository (if installed from there):

Update: the installation instructions in this post were no longer up to date and were removed. See: How to install AWN with Lucido.

Ready. Now restart Avant Window Navigator! Then in the Avant Window Navigator preferences, choose the "Lucido" style. Then to actually get the Lucido style, check the "Expand the panel" box from the Preferences tab, then on the Applets tab, add some expanders (which can be found under the "Utility" category) between the AWN task manager and notification aread, main menu and so on.

Update: AWN Lucido is now a part of AWN so all you have to do is add the AWN testing PPA to get Lucido.