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Update: you can nowinstall AWN Lucido from the AWN main PPA

albyrock87 posted an amazing new style for Avant Window Navigator @ AWN forums called "Lucido Style". The code is already available in a BZR branch but it has not been merged into AWN yet.

If you want to try it already, I've built Ubuntu .deb packages for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and 10.04 Lucid Lynx which you can download below.

Once installed, in Avant Window Navigator settings, on the Preferences tab select "Lucido" under "Style" and check the "Expand the panel" box. Then on the "Applets" tab, make sure you insert an expander (which can be found under the "Utility" category) between the AWN task manager and notification aread, main menu and so on.

Update: the installation instructions in this post were no longer up to date and were removed. See: How to install AWN with Lucido.

Here are some more screenshots with AWN Lucido in action:

And also a video:

Note: this AWN version will stay until AWN hits revision 720 in the AWN testing PPA at which point the AWN PPA packages will overwrite this branch. Hopefully until then AWN will include the Lucido style by default (if not, I'll make new .debs).

Credits for the images: albyrock87 @ AWN forum.