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With the release of GDM 2 (2.22+), we lost the ability to theme (well, it's still possible but only to a small extent) the GDM login screen but with the arrival of Gnome Shell it should be very easy to theme everything Gnome Shell can be "skinned" with some basic CSS knowledge.

Browsing the Gnome Shell wiki @ live.gnome.org, I stumbled upon some great login screen and lock screen mockups which you can view below:

Login screen - select user:

gnome shell login screen screenshot

Login screen - sign in:

gnome shell login screen screenshot

And here is also a Lock Screen mockup:

gnome shell lock screen mockup screenshot

Please note: these are only mockups so far.

What do you think about these login / lock screen mockups?

[credits for the mockups: William Jon McCann @ live.gnome.org]