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Here are the first (probably the first ever) 6 Gnome Shell Themes (download link at the end of the post):

Marine Gnome Shell Theme:

gnome shell marine theme

Heat Gnome Shell Theme:

gnome shell heat theme

Gradients of Grey Gnome Shell Theme:

Gradients of Grey Gnome Shell Theme

Purpleish Gnome Shell Theme:

Purpleish Gnome Shell Theme

Forest Gnome Shell Theme:

Forest Gnome Shell Theme

Update: and a 6th Gnome Shell theme called Smoke in which techno-mole added lots of comments to the CSS file so you can understand how to theme it yourself. Also, instead of HEX values for the colors he used RGBA so you can set the opacity (the theme already has some transparency - you can notice my wallpaper behind the Gray Gnome Shell UI):

smoke gnome shell theme

If you don't know how to install Gnome Shell, see THIS post (towards the end).

Before installing any theme, make a backup of the original Gnome Shell theme on your Desktop. If you install Gnome Shell from the PPA:
cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme
tar -cf ~/Desktop/original-theme.tar *.*
cd /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/
cp dash.js dash.js.old

Besides the images in the Gnome Shell theme, the last command also backs up the dash.js file in the same folder as dash.js.old.

If you installed Gnome Shell from source instead of the PPA, the theme folder can be found in /home/<user>/gnome-shell/source/gnome-shell/data and I assume you already know how to backup, etc.

If you installed Gnome Shell from the PPA:

To install a theme, you must copy all the files in each theme to the /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme except the dash.js (if it exists) file which has to be copied into the /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/ folder. To be able to do that, you must run Nautilus as root, so type this in a terminal:
sudo nautilus

then navigate to the folders I was telling you and copy / paste the contents of the themes (after you extract the archives), overwriting the original files.

If you installed Gnome Shell from source, again the folders are different and you can find them in /home/<user>/gnome-shell/source/gnome-shell/data/

Once you "apply" a new theme, you must restart the Gnome Shell. To do this, simply press Alt + F2 and enter:

Theming Gnome Shell is easy and it involves some basic CSS knowledge and a bit of GIMP so if you don't like these themes, try creating one yourself. For more info regarding the Gnome Shell theme installation and how to theme Gnome Shell, see techno-mole's post.

Some things you should know:
  • for now there is no way to install multiple themes, so each time you install a theme you must overwrite the previous one
  • when you upgrade Gnome Shell, it will revert to the default theme so you must install the theme again

And a final note: sorry about the huge screenshots but I have a very big screen resolution.

All the themes in the screenshots can be downloaded from Ubuntuforums (most of them have been created by techno-mole so all the credits go to him; the Forest theme was created by keth.). These are the only Gnome Shell themes that exist for now (that I know of), but a lot more themes will be created soon for sure.