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Last week we started a "hive five" post series, where the readers get to vote for the best application in a certain category. The fist such post was "The Best Linux Web Browser" and the time has come to announce the results.

While the winner and runner-up may not be a surprise, the numbers are:

best linux web browser

It seems Linux users have already adopted Google Chrome / Chromium, with 37% of them already using the new browser. This is truly amazing! I wonder how long it will take before various Linux distributions will adopt Chrome / Chromium as the default web browser (as a side note, Lubuntu already did this, making Chromium the default browser starting with 10.04 Alpha 3).

It also seems Konqueror and Epiphany are hardly used by anyone, together getting less votes than the "Others" section.

The "Other answer" winner is clearly Midori, getting ~19 votes, even though it wasn't in the 5 browsers we've picked for the poll.

Browsers who got quite a few mentions in the "Other answer" votes are: UZBL (6), Arora (5), Lynx (5), with the rest getting 1 or 2 votes max.

I would like to thank everyone who voted and don't forget: we're waiting for your feedback (votes and suggestions) on our next poll which should be published tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.