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How To Install The Latest Nvidia Drivers In Ubuntu or Linux Mint Via PPA

Upgrading to the latest version of the proprietary Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu (or Linux Mint) was pretty complicated a while back. You would either have to use the official Linux installer, which was not always reliable, at least for me, or use a bleeding edge PPA, like the Xorg Edgers PPA, which would upgrade multiple packages, most of which were unstable.

That's no longer the case thanks to the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA, which offers stable proprietary Nvidia graphics driver updates, without updating other libraries to unstable versions (some libraries may still be updated using this PPA, if they are needed by the drivers, but there's nothing unstable in the PPA).

How To Get A Unity-Like HUD (Searchable Menu) In Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Linux Mint, More

You're probably familiar with the Unity HUD, or Head-Up Display, which lets you search through and application's menu. Thanks to Rafael Bocquet's i3-hud-menu (and J.A. McNaughton's fork), you can use this menu search feature in pretty much any desktop environment (and in any Linux distribution in which you can install unity-gtk-module).

i3-hud-menu allows searching and navigating through an application's menu using the keyboard, with the use of dmenu (dmenu doesn't have mouse support by default). Here's how it looks like in Xubuntu 16.04:

i3-menu-hud Xubuntu

Tool To Customize Numix Theme Colors `Oomox` Sees New Release, Now Available In PPA

Oomox is a tool that allows creating different color variations of the popular Numix GTK2/GTK3 theme. It features built-in presets, so you can easily generate various themes without much effort, or you can use the tool to change the theme colors individually.

qBittorrent 3.3.5 Released With New Torrent Management Mode, Other Improvements

qBittorrent 3.3.5 was released today and it includes new features, such as a torrent management mode, a new cookie management dialog, as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

qBittorrent is a BitTorrent client that aims to provide a free software alternative to μTorrent, available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

The application comes with an integrated search engine, web interface, sequential download support, bandwidth scheduler, advanced RSS support with download filters, torrent creation tool, IP filtering and other useful features.

How To Easily Create AppFolders In GNOME Shell Using GNOME AppFolders Manager Or GNOME Software

By default, the GNOME (Shell) overview displays applications in two views: "all", where all the applications are listed in alphabetic order, and "frequent", in which the frequently used applications are displayed.

GNOME Shell supports grouping applications in app folders, and there are two such predefined folders, "Utilities" and "Sundry". Some might not know how to create custom app folders, so here are two ways of achieving this.

Snaps Become Universal Linux Packages, Launch On Multiple Linux Distributions

Snap packages are not an Ubuntu-only thing any more. Developers from multiple Linux distributions and companies, including Dell, Samsung, the Linux Foundation, and more, announced the collaboration on the snap universal Linux package format, which allows using a single package on any Linux desktop, server, cloud or device.

elementaryOS 0.4 Loki Beta Available For Testing

elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" beta was released today, and it includes over 800 closed issues and 20 implemented blueprints.

elementary OS loki

Fix Dropbox Indicator Icon And Menu Not Working In Xubuntu, Lubuntu Or Ubuntu MATE

I recently stumbled on an issue with Dropbox and the Ubuntu flavors that support AppIndicators (except Unity), like Xubuntu and Lubuntu: the Dropbox AppIndicator icon shows up as broken and the menu doesn't work. This isn't a new issue though, and it seems to occur starting with Ubuntu 14.04.

The issue occurs with the Dropbox packages in the official Ubuntu repositories (called "nautilus-dropbox", which doesn't depend on Nautilus and can be used to install Dropbox on any desktop environment) as well as the Dropbox package downloaded from its official website. 

Make A Bootable Windows 10 USB Install Stick On Linux With WinUSB Fork (WoeUSB)

Update: the WinUSB fork is now called "WoeUSB".

WinUSB is a tool that can be used to create a bootable USB Windows installer from an ISO or a DVD, either using a GUI or from the command line.

The application looks pretty much abandoned, with the latest release dating back to 2013 however, GitHub user slacka forked it, fixed most of its bugs, and updated it to support both wxWidgets 2 and 3.

Install MATE 1.14 In Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) Via PPA

MATE Desktop 1.14 is now available for Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (Xenial Xerus). According to the release announcement, it took about 2 months to release MATE Desktop 1.14 in a PPA because everything has been well tested, so you shouldn't encounter any issues.

MATE 1.14 Ubuntu MATE 16.04

gtk3-nocsd (Module To Disable Client-Side Decorations) Sees New Release

gtk3-nocsd is a module used to disable client-side decorations, either globally (for all applications) or only for certain applications.

Configure Razer Mice In Linux With Razercfg (Ubuntu PPA)

Razer Synapse, the official Razer configuration utility, doesn't work on Linux however, there's a tool called Razercfg that allows configuring some of the Razer mice settings under Linux.

razercfg linux