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As you might have noticed, I was on holiday* until today and because of that, there were no new articles on WebUpd8 and no updates for the WebUpd8 PPAs. Today I updated the PPA packages for most applications that had a new release while I was away, and to speed things up, below you'll find a quick list with what was updated / what's new.

  • there are no installation instructions in the article for the apps below. Instead, you'll find links to articles explaining how to install those applications in Ubuntu / Linux Mint.
  • as a reminder, only Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04 are still supported by Canonical (and of course, 14.10, which is currently under development) / Linux Mint 17 Qiana and Linux Mint 13 Maya. Launchpad PPAs don't support other Ubuntu / Linux Mint releases any more.

That said, let's proceed with the updates.

Atom text editor

Atom 0.123.0, an open source "hackable text editor for the 21st Century" developed by GitHub, which is currently in beta:
  • The maximized state of the window is now properly restored on launch;
  • The language-mustache package is now bundled by default;
  • Added a button to the Incompatible Packages view that reloads Atom and rechecks all the installed packages for compatibility. This is also available from the command palette;
  • Atom's Chrome version has been upgraded from 31 to 36;
  • Atom's Node version has been upgraded from 0.11.10 to 0.11.13;
  • Support for number pad keybindings have been removed. Number pad keys will now resolve to their equivalent keystroke as if they were pressed on the main keyboard area. You should remove the num- modifier from any keystrokes in your ~/.atom/keymap.cson file;
  • Fixed an issue on Linux where tabs could not be dragged between windows;
  • You can now delete a bracket and its matching pair at the same time using ctrl-backspace on Mac and alt-ctrl-backspace on Linux and Windows;
  • ctrl-shift-Z is now mapped to core:redo on Linux;
  • Atom now ships with a light version of the Base16 Tomorrow syntax theme;
  • Added a bunch of new Go snippets;
  • Many other new features and bug fixes, check the changelog below for details.

Changelog | Article on WebUpd8: Install Atom Text Editor In Ubuntu Via PPA [32bit + 64bit]

Atraci YouTUbe music player

Atraci 0.6.0, a new open source music player which uses YouTube as a source:
  • fixed YouTube decipher issues;
  • added support for multimedia keys;
  • shows featured playlist if you live in Taiwan & USA;
  • added option to open song in YouTube;
  • many bug fixes.

Changelog | Article on WebUpd8: Atraci: New YouTube-Based Music Player

Brackets text editor

Brackets 0.42, an open-source code editor for web design and development built on top of web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript:
  • Theme support: Brackets now has built-in support for editor themes, and includes default light and dark themes. Additional themes can be installed via Extension Manager;
  • Replace in Files: Check/Uncheck All Matches for a File: When doing a batch or multi-file replace, you can now check/uncheck the matches for an entire file;
  • Change Language Mode: Change the language mode for an individual file by selecting the language from the dropdown menu in the status bar
  • Turn off Code Hints: New preferences to disable all code hints or hints from an individual provider;
  • Drag and Drop Installation of Extensions: Install extensions by dragging zip files onto the Extension Manager dialog.

Changelog | Article on WebUpd8: Install Brackets In Ubuntu Via PPA (Open Source Code Editor For HTML, CSS And JavaScript)


GPaste 3.12.2 (for GNOME 3.12 / Ubuntu 14.10 only) and 3.10.3 (for GNOME 3.10 / Ubuntu 14.04), a clipboard manager which was initially created for GNOME Shell, but which now also ships with an Ubuntu AppIndicator:
  • Desktop files have been fixed;
  • Fixes for the ubuntu app-indicator;
  • Keybinding to mark an item as being a password;
  • Misc bugfixes.

Changelog | Article on WebUpd8: Install GPaste In Ubuntu Via PPA (Native GNOME Shell Clipboard Manager)


Minitube 2.2, a native YouTube client for the desktop:
  • Subscriptions context menu: Unsubscribe, Mark as Watched;
  • Added --stop-after-this command line switch;
  • Added Stop After This Video Unity & Gnome 3 action;
  • Fixed painting errors when scrolling playlist on Linux;
  • Fixed bug with dragging playlist items from the thumbnail;
  • Fixed some videos not playing.

Changelog not available | Article on WebUpd8

Oracle JDK 7u67: according to the release notes, this update includes only a bug fix for a regression - java_arguments not accepted after update to 7u65.

Changelog | Article on WebUpd8: Install Oracle Java 7 in Ubuntu via PPA Repository

Y PPA Manager

Y PPA Manager 2014.08.18: the search feature stopped working while I was on holiday due to a change in Launchpad.net's code. This issue was fixed with the update released today.

No changelog available | Article on WebUpd8

Other packages from the WebUpd8 PPAs updated today include: FreshPlayer Plugin (Git pull), Tor Browser 3.6.4, KKEdit 0.2.2, Wimlib 1.7.1 and youtube-dl 2014.08.10.

* In case you're wondering why I didn't announce that I'm on holiday well, that's because I did that a while back and the website was filled with spam comments and also, the number of attempts to hack my online accounts increased considerably. That's why I stopped announcing it publicly. Sorry about that!