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Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini, an Ubuntu remaster that comes with a large number of tweaks by default, has been released today.

Pinguy OS Mini is a stripped down version of Pinguy OS which comes with all the tweaks and fixes available in the main Pinguy OS version, but without most of the applications installed in Pinguy OS. Like the main version, it uses GNOME Shell (3.10) as the default "shell".

The main (full) Pinguy OS version comes with multiple applications for some tasks, for instance there are multiple video players, audio players and web browsers, this allowing the users to try the apps for themselves and decide which is best for them. This is especially useful for users with slow Internet connections. In Pinguy OS Mini, there's only one web browser: Firefox, only one audio/video player: VLC and so on, so it can be used as a tweaked base on top of which you can add your favorite applications.

Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini is not completely stripped-down though: besides VLC and Firefox you'll also find Gedit, Shutter, Nemo, an image viewer and Filebot installed by default, along with some system tools such as GNOME Tweak Tool, Boot Repair, Y PPA Manager and others, available by default.

Pinguy OS 14.04 mini includes all the tweaks included with the full Pinguy OS 14.04 version, such as:
  • Netflix woriks out of the box thanks to Pipelight;
  • Peerflix and the Firefox scripts about which we wrote a while back are included by default;
  • TRIM is enabled for SSDs;
  • Liquid Prompt is used by default by the GNOME Terminal;
  • The Filebot scripts which we covered recently are included;
  • A data recovery script that uses TestDisk is included with Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini;
  • TLP (a tool that applies various tweaks to your laptop to save battery power), zram-config, preload (a daemon that stores the frequently used files in memory for faster startup times) and Profile Sync Daemon are included by default;
  • And of course, codecs, Java (icedtea and OpenJRE), G-talk plugin and so on are all installed by default;
  • many other tweaks.

Also, Pinguy OS Mini looks the same as the main Pinguy OS version: they use the same GNOME Shell extensions, both use Docky and a cool Conky setup, etc.

For more information on Pinguy OS 14.04 (full version), see our alpha 2 post: Pinguy OS 14.04 Alpha Available For Testing

Pinguy OS 14.04 (the full version) will be released in about a week.

Download Pinguy OS 14.04 Mini

Known issues / notes:
  • Auto login is disabled by default but you can enable it after installing Pinguy OS via GDM3Setup / Login Screen settings;
  • Torrent Streaming via Firefox is not enabled by default. To be able to stream torrents directly from Firefox, open a torrent from Firefox and select to open it with /usr/bin/Torrent-Video-Player For magnet links, select to open the torrent with /usr/bin/Magnet-Video-Player.