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my weather indicator ubuntu
My Weather Indicator on top panel + widget

`My Weather Indicator` is an Ubuntu AppIndicator which displays the current weather in the top panel. The application comes with many features, including weather forecast, a cool forecast map and even desktop widgets.

Because of API limitations, Wunderground and World Weather Online didn't work properly in My Weather Indicator lately, so a new version has been released recently which allows users to enter their own API keys for these services in the My Weather Indicator preferences.

You can continue to use Open Weather Map and Yahoo weather services, which don't require you to enter an API key, so this isn't something required to get My Weather Indicator to work, it's just if you want to use Wunderground or World Weather Online services.

This is useful if Yahoo or Open Weather Map don't work properly for you (no data available for your region, etc.) or if you want an extended forecast - I recommend using World Weather Online because it has a nice 5-day forecast, especially useful if you use one of the My Weather Indicator widgets that displays a forecast.

To get your API key, go to the following page:

my weather indicator ubuntu

Then, register, confirm the registration and you'll get your own API keys (the API is either sent in the email - for WWO, or follow the link to get it - for Wunderground). Then, launch the latest My Weather Indicator and in its preferences, under Weather Services, enter the API key next to the service you want to use, click the "Activate" button and then select the checkbox next to the service you want to use.

my weather indicator ubuntu
Another My Weather Indicator widget + indicator on the top panel (tip: the indicator can be hidden via preferences)

Install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu

To add the Atareao PPA and install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu, use the following commands (the latest version which allows entering your own API for Wunderground and World Weather Online is only available for Ubuntu Quantal and Precise for now):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator

If you encounter bugs, report them @ Launchpad.