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My Weather Indicator

My Weather Indicator has got widgets support a few days ago, but I didn't write about it back then because it was the initial widgets release and there was still work to be done. 

Today, the application has been updated, adding 3 weather widget styles along with options to display the widget on top (or under), or to hide the indicator when the widget is displayed:

- My Weather Indicator "full" widget is a HTC-like weather / clock widget:

My Weather Indicator widget full

- "Medium" widget":

My Weather Indicator widget medium

- "Little" My Weather Indicator widget:

My Weather Indicator little

Update: two more widgets have been added:

- "Super":

My Weather indicator widget

- "Anotherone":

My weather indicator widget

There's also a tutorial (in Spanish though...) for how to create your own My Weather Indicator widgets.

To enable one of the 5 My Weather Indicator widgets: super, full, anotherone, medium or little, open the Preferences dialog and on the Location tab, check the "Show widget" box. Here you can also select to show the widget on top, the widget stile and if the indicator should be hidden when the widget is displayed.

When the indicator is hidden, you can reveal it by clicking the widget.

I've noticed a minor bug with the "full" widget when using Yahoo Weather or Open Weather Map, at least for my location: some forecast icons are not displayed. For me, this was fixed by selecting "World Weather Online" as the Weather service instead of Yahoo (My Weather Indicator Preferences > Weather Services). But this might not be an application bug but a Yahoo weather issue.

Install My Weather Indicator in Ubuntu

The latest My Weather Indicator version which comes with widgets support is available for Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04. Add the PPA and install it using the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator

For bugs or suggestions, see My Weather Indicator @ Launchpad.

My Weather Indicator is an application developed by Lorenzo @ atareao.es