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Nemo, the default Linux Mint (Cinnamon) file manager, forked from Nautilus 3.4, has got a lot of interesting changes in GIT recently.

The most visible change is the addition of breadcrumbs which look great if you're using the Mint-X theme (default Linux Mint theme, also available in the WebUpd8 Themes Repository) as you can see below:

Nemo file manager

Other themes need to be tweaked to correctly display the new Nemo breadcrumbs, although with some themes like MediterraneanNight or Evolve, it doesn't look that bad (it looks pretty bad with some themes though, like Ambiance):

Nemo file manager breadcrumbs mediterraneannight
Nemo with MediterraneanNight theme

Nemo file manager breadcrumbs Evolve theme
Nemo with Evolve theme

The statusbar has been re-worked (if enabled, because you can also disable it and have a floating mini-statusbar) and it now includes options to toggle displaying the places sidebar, treeview or completely hide the sidebar. Also, the zoom controls have been moved from the main toolbar to the bottom right corner of the new statusbar (and a slider is now used instead of +/- buttons).

And finally, the Nemo menu can now be hidden (like the old Nautilus elementary) by deselecting View > Menubar and you can then toggle the menu by using the ALT key:

Nemo file manager hide menu

Nemo file manager without statusbar and menu
Nemo file manager with no menu and statusbar

Nemo is under heavy development these days and the new features mentioned above are subject to change.

How to install the latest Nemo file manager from GIT

For how to install the latest Nemo file manager from GIT in Ubuntu or Linux Mint (via PPA), see our previous post: How To Install Nemo File Manager In Ubuntu.

Arch Linux users can install Nemo via AUR.

For other Linux distributions, you can get the Nemo source code via GitHub.