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elementary OS jupiter

Jupiter, the first elementary OS release, is no longer available for download.

The elementary OS developers have said farewell to Jupiter today, taking the download page and Answers system offline temporarily. The reason behind this decision is the fact that being based on Ubuntu 10.10, Jupiter no longer receives security updates and is running outdated software:

Today, we're announcing that we are officially bidding farewell to Jupiter to make room for Luna. Along with the download page, our current Answers system will be taken offline temporarily; it is designed to be a community-driven support system for the current release and will be brought back online for the release of Luna.

elementary OS luna
elementary OS Luna

But there's some good news too! According to a comment posted by Sam Tate on G+, there are less than 15 bugs before a Luna beta release. So we should see an elementary OS Luna beta 1 release very soon!

Check out an older elementary OS Luna video HERE; there are some videos on the elementary OS blog as well.

first image via elementaryos