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We haven't posted about elementary OS Luna in a while, so I though I'd make a short video with the latest build, so you can see how the desktop looks like lately and the elementary apps progress.

In the video, you'll see a quick preview of the default elementary OS Luna desktop and applications:
  • Geary - the default email client, is developed by Yorba (who's also behind Shotwell) in collaboration with the elementary team.
  • Pantheon Files - the default file manager, is a Marlin fork
  • Maya - the default calendar app
  • Pantheon Terminal
  • Plank - the default application switcher (dock)
  • Wingpanel - the top bar/panel
  • Switchboard - control center
  • Scratch - text editor
  • Noise - the default music player, a BeatBox fork
  • Slingshot - the application launcher
  • elementary OS GTK and icon theme
  • the elementary OS Luna default LightDM greeter

You can watch the video below:

(direct video link)

In case you were wondering when elementary OS Luna will be released, well, there's no date yet. See this elementary OS blog post for info: When it's Ready.

For the video, I've used the latest elementary OS Luna unstable build from here (20120715.iso).