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Ubuntu 12.10 beta 1 was released almost two weeks ago and many Ubuntu users have already upgraded, so it's time to make the packages from the WebUpd8 PPAs available for the latest Ubuntu 12.10.

ubuntu 12.10

This is a quick post to let you know that today I've uploaded Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal builds for the following packages available in our PPAs:
And a note: The gstreamer bug that prevents Minitube (and other apps) from working properly still exists in Ubuntu 12.10. See a fix HERE.

Were already available for Ubuntu 12.10 for quite some time:
  • Oracle Java 7 and Java 8 installers
  • Sublime Text 2 (a TextMate-like text editor)
  • Jupiter (power and hardware control applet designed to improve battery life)
  • Y PPA Manager (and YAD) (a tool to easily search for packages in Launchpad PPAs and perform various PPA actions: add, remove, purge, backup PPAs and more)
  • Tribler (cross-platform, decentralized Bittorrent application)
  • Puddletag (Mp3tag-like audio tag editor for Linux; run it like this: "LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 puddletag" until the overlay scrollbars bug I was telling you about a few days ago is fixed, or else it will crash Ubuntu)
  • Haguichi (Hamachi2 GUI for GNOME)
  • VLMC (VideoLan Movie Creator)
  • movgrab (command line video downloader)
  • others

Obviously, I haven't updated the packages which are already available in the official Ubuntu 12.10 repositories (the latest version).

The GNOME 3 WebUpd8 PPA will probably be discontinued, since it was created back when various GNOME3 applications were missing from the Ubuntu repositories and when it wasn't easy to install GNOME Shell extensions (now you can use extensions.gnome.org). Also, the themes available in our Themes PPA haven't been uploaded for Quantal yet because they haven't been updated by their developers to work with the latest GTK 3.6 beta.